Tindari, Sicily and the Sanctury of the Black Madonna

Photo of Tindari in North Sicily

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The town of Tindari is found in north-eastern Sicily, on the northern coast

First an important Ancient Greek settlement, it was under the Ancient Romans that the town flourished and several Roman monuments can still be seen here scattered around the surrounding landscape.

It is said that a part of the city fell into the sea in the first century AD, bringing to an end the glory days of Tindari, but much of the ruins are still visible. Highlights among the Roman ruins are stretches of defensive walls, a theatre, sections of the original town and some good mosaics.

There are also lovely views along the coast and out to sea, and numerous small beaches to enjoy.

One notable monument is the Santuario della Madonna Nera (Sanctuary of the Black Madonna). Although only built in the 1960's it has more great views out to sea. The sanctuary was built to house a statue of the Virgin that has been attributed with having miraculous powers, and as a result many pilgrims visit the sanctuary each year.

A curious feature that is clearly visible in the sea off Tindari is an extended sandbank more than one kilometre long that stretches out into the sea - the so called 'tongue of sand'.

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