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Photo of Castroreale in North Sicily
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Castroreale is a small town in north-eastern Sicily, to the south of Milazzo.

A traditional Sicilian town, and pleasant to explore, there are several highlights of note to enjoy when you visit Castroreale, and several opportunities to enjoy historical Sicilian artworks.

Head first for Piazza Marconi - note the facade of the 15th-17th century Church of the Assumption, before entering to see some statues and paintings by local artists dating from the 17th century. Passing along the road called Corso Umberto I you will see the brick frontage of the Church of the Candelora, before taking the path that climbs up to the remains of the castle that once stood here - you can see the original round tower.

In Piazza Peculio you can see the (damaged) Church of the Saints Salvatore, then along Via Guglielmo Siracusa there is the art gallery ('pinachoteca') in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.One of the highlights of your visit to Castroreale, there are various notable works to enjoy here, predominantly 16th century paintings of religious subjects.

Castroreale Civic Museum is situated in the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri and also holds some important 16th century paintings, as well as other artefacts of interest such as the tomb of Geronimo Rosso and some sculptures. For more art you might like to head to the Church of Sant'Agata, which also holds a 16th century statue of the Saint.

Other notable buildings to discover in Castroreale include the 17th century Capuchin Monastery and the Church of saint marina, in part dating from Norman times.

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Map of Castroreale and places to visit


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