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Milazzo sits at the base of a promontory and if you drive out towards the tip of the promontory you will come to a parking area that is the start of a lovely walk right round the proplontory.  As you walk round you have views of the Aeolian Islands which can be reached by ferry from Milazzo harbour.

Milazzo is on the north coast of Sicily close to Messina to the east and Patti to the west.

Explore the Cape of Milazzo

Sicily Visitor comment: If you have arrived in Milazzo with time to spare before your ferry head for the Capo di Milazzo and do the walk around the point. The path hugs the coast and provides beautiful views over the rocky coast, over the Aeolian Islands out to see and over the natural plants and shrubs of this natural area.

The walk starts at a large free parking area which is also where the buses stop if you have come by public transport. Taxis will bring you here but be sure to check the price before you set off! The begining part of the walk is very easy with a paved path and a gentle slope. The walk is bordered with agave plants, cacti and many small shrubs and trees and wild flowers. It is very pretty.

Cape of Milazzo walk

As you approach the tip the path changes to a dirt path but is still an easy one to follow. Near to the tip is a bench where you can stop and admire the views or have a picnic. The path then goes round the tip and you can see the beautiful Pool of Venus below. This is known locally as the Laghetto di Venere, Venus lagoon.

In the summer this is a popular swimming spot so come early if you want the pool to yourselves. The pool is a natural pool with rocks forming a barrier between the pool and the waves beyond making it a very relaxing place for a swim.


From here a series of steps take you up to the highest point and then back round the other side of the promontary towards the starting point. Close to the end (or the begining if you do the walk the other way round) is a beautiful olive grove that you walk through.

As you walk round you get many excellent views of the Aeolian islands and especially Vulcano with its distinctive volcano shape. This is the closest island to Milazzo though Lipari is the most popular.

Pool of Venus

The walk is about two kilometers in total and not particularly difficult though we recommend sturdy shoes and sunscreen!

Next to the car park there are a couple of restaurants and prices seemed very reasonable for a lunch or a coffee.

Where to visit nearby?

Between the Cape of Milazzo and the main town centre is the Spanish quarter which is the nicest part of Milazzo and worth a stroll.

Most people come to Milazzo for the volcanic Aeolian Islands and ferries visit these every day in the summer. Closest is Vulcano but it has a strong sulphur smell. Stromboli is an active volcano but can be visited. Lipari is the most populated and has a pretty harbour town and Panarea is popular with the 'jet-set'.

You can find more local travel ideas in the North Sicily guide,

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