Patti, Sicily; close to the Greek monuments of Tindari

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The historical town of Patti is situated on the north-eastern coast of Sicily.

Best known for its proximity to the impressive Greek monuments at Tindari, and for the nearby beaches, the town of Patti itself has much to offer and is well worth exploring, above all in the winding streets of the heart of ancient Patti. Find time to leave the beaches and seafront restaurants of the region for a while to explore the treasures of patti itself...

Roman villa: continuing with ancient monuments, the Roman Villa at Patti - the 'Villa Romana di Patti Marina' - dates from the Imperial Age of Ancient Rome. The villa covered a very substantial area (20,000 sq. metres) and includes several highlights, including the original Roman baths, and a number of impressive floor mosaics featuring both patterns and pictures of animals.

Patti cathedral: the cathedral was originally built in the 12th century, but underwent notable transformations in later centuries, especially after the earthquake that hit Sicily in 1693. The cathedral has a roman style decorative entrance, while inside you can see the marble tomb of Adelasia, wife to Count Roger, who died here in Patti in 1118 and some notable 15th-18th century paintings.

Churches: as with many Sicilian towns, Patti has a number of churches that are interesting both for their architecture and for the notable artworks that they contain. Of particular importance and interest are the Church of Santa Maria dei Greci (16th-17th century, marble statue of the Madonna); the Church of Saint Nicholas (18th-19th century, with various art works from that period and a 16th century marble tabernacle); and the 15th century Church of Saint Anthony Abbot (home to a 13th century town flag).

Patti Museum: featuring many artefacts from local churches and monasteries, the Diocesan Museum includes numerous items of interest - from gold candlesticks and coats of arms, to religious books and important works of art (these mostly spanning the period from the 18th to 20th centuries). The museum is situated in the historic Bishop's Palace in Patti.

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