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The village of Novara di Sicilia is situated 650 metres above sea-level and a few kilometres inland from the northern Sicily coast, in north-east Sicily to the east of Taormina and south of Milazzo.

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Novara di Sicilia sits on the boundary between the Nebrodi mountains and the Peloritani mountains and has fantastic views over these mountains. Legend has it that Cyclops himself once lived here!

On one edge of the village there is a steep cliff and on top of this are the ruins of an ancient castle. There is not much left of the castle but the cliff top offers good views over the countryside and out to sea.

Novara di Sicilia

Below the castle is the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral in the historic centre of Novara di Sicilia. This dates back to the 16th century and like many of the buildings in the town is built of the local sandstone. Surrounding the church the medieval town is very attractive with its cobbled alleys, elegant palacesand architectural features and is a pleasure to explore.

There are a number of churches to explore in the village including the 13th century Church of Saint Francis which is the oldest in the village, and the smallest. The Church of San Giorgio has been deconsecrated but take a look inside at the twelve Corinthian style monolithic columns and the lovely coffered ceiling.

Much of the village we see today dates from the 17th century, and appears substantially unchanged over the intervening centuries.


Above the village is the dramatic Rocca Salvatesta which is also called Rocca Novara and is known as the Matterhorn of Sicily for its large conical shape. There is a walking trail up to its summit and from the top you have a 360° view encompassing the Tindari headland, the Tyrrhenean Sea and Aeolian Islands, the Straits of Messina and Mount Etna.

Novara di Sicilia is one of eighteen beautiful Sicily villages (i.e. listed as 'most beautiful villages of Italy)'

Rocca Novara

Majorcan cheese is a typical cheese made in the area from Sheeps milk. Every year at Carnival the Majorchino tournament takes place and large 10-12 kg round Majorchino cheeses are rolled downhill through the streets in a race.

Another main festival in Novara di Sicilia is Assumption and during this festival beautiful lighting grills are illuminated in front of the Santa Maria Assunta cathedral.

Where to visit nearby?

Very close to Novara di Sicilia is another of Sicily's most beautiful villages, Montalbano Elicona and between the two villages is a very beautiful stretch of road through the fabulous mountain scenery.

Many of Sicily's highlights are around the coast and so it is nice to explore part of the interior of Sicily and the dramatic landscape in this area is very attractive.

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