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Palazzolo-Acreide is a town in the south-east of Sicily close to the coastal city of Syracuse. It is known both for its Baroque buildings and for its closeness to the archaological site of Akrai.

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Palazzolo Acreide was largely destroyed in the large earthquake of 1693 that caused extensive damage in the region. Along with a number of other towns a lot of rebuilding had to take place and as the architectural style of the moment was late Baroque that was the style of the new buildings.

Palazzolo Acreide

These late Baroque buildings are so important that a number of towns are grouped togethes as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the late Baroque buildings of the Val di Noto.

Notably in Palazzolo are the churches of Saint Sebastian and San Michele and the church of the Assumption. The church of San Sebastian (in the photos) has a large stone staircase and a facade on three levels with a clock on one level and bell and cupola on another. The church of San Michele also has a notable belfry. The church of the Assumption has a doorway framed by beautiful double spiral columns decorated with fruit sculptures.

The main square with both the church of Saint Sebastian and the neo-classical town hall is a particularly attractive spot and has featured in a number of films in Italy.


Another key Baroque building is the Basilica of Saint Paul with a Baroque facade decorated with Corinthian columns. In the lower part of the town the 'Mother Church' dedicated to Saint Nicholas also has rich Baroque decoration.

More Baroque buildings can be spotted as you walk down the Corso Vittorio Emanuelle where there are a number of baroque palaces including Palazzo Pizzo.

Whilst in Palazzolo-Acreide you could visit the Antonino Uccello museum which is housed in an 18th century palace. Inside is the collection of the Sicilian ethnologist Antonino Uccello.

The town has various festivities throughout the year and good times to visit are for the celebrations of Saint Sebastian in January or Saint Paul in June. Palazzolo is also home to one of the oldest Carnivals in Sicily.

Places to Visit Nearby

Other Baroque towns of the Val di Noto include Noto, Modica, Ragusa and Catania. All are well worth a visit for their beautiful architecture.

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