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Photo of Cassibile in South-East Sicily
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The seaside town and resort at Cassibile has now become a suburb of Syracuse, especially visited for the beach called Fontane Bianchi.

Explore Cassibile and area

The town of Cassibile is not particularly interesting. It is really for the beaches and the nearby nature reserve that people come here.

Cassibile nature reserve

The Natural Reserve of Cavagrande del Cassible has a deep canyon running through the golden limestone rock. Along its 10 kilometer length are a number of pretty rock pools and natural swimming areas which attract lots of visitors.

The region in general, known as Cava Grande del Cassibile, also attracts visitors interested in nature, since it harbours a wide range of flora and fauna. The dense woodlands contain an exceptional variety of wild plants - the trees provide a canopy of shelter to the ferns, wild herbs and flowers such as orchids - and likewise to the animal life which includes small mammals (porcupines, martens etc), abundant water based life around the river with fish, crabs and toads, and a diverse range of birdlife from buzzards to kingfishers.


Cassibile was also home to a very important settlement in prehistoric times. Along the rocks of the canyon are an extensive range of cave dwellings built here due to the supply of water protection from attack. The caves form an elaborate complex interlinked with tunnels, along with an associated burial area with numerous tombs carved into the walls. These form a Necropolis that is considered to be one of the most important on Sicily. The site has been very productive for archaeologists who have found significant quantities of potter and burial urns.

Also in the area is a cave known as the 'Cave of Robbers' (La Grotta dei Briganti) which houses many areas carved into the rock that were probably once used as shelters.

The region was re-occupied in the Byzantine period, when the isolated postion helped protect against the first Arab invasions.

Many visitors to Cassibile come for the beaches and the main beach is Fontane beach which is a couple of kilometers from the town. The beach is in a natural cove with golden sand and to one edge a steep cliff of golden rock. The beach is very pretty and is considered to be one of the best beaches of Sicily.

Places to Visit Nearby

Nearby Syracuse and its ancient town of Ortigia has some beautiful Baroque buildings and Roman ruins. Noto to the south also has many impressive Baroque buildings.

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Map of Cassibile and places to visit


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