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The Natural Reserve of Zingaro (created in 1981 and covering more that 1600 hectares) is situated to the north-west of Sicily and north of Scopello, from where the southern end of the reserve is accessed.

It is one of the most attractive and unspoiled regions of the island, and contains a great deal of attractive scenery, much along the coast. It is a very popular place for walking and for discovering quiet attractive beaches.

Extending several kilometres along the coast, the small beaches are interspersed with impressive rocky outcrops and backed by low mountains, while small rocky islets in the sea add to the beauty.

The Zingaro Reserve is pedestrian only so your exploration will be on foot.

There are several beaches within the designated area. Most people only walk as far as the first, at Punta della Capreria, and the others further north are much quieter so the extra effort is recommended.

The reserve is a treasure trove for plant and wildlife enthusiasts and walkers who will see many species of plant and birdlife not commonly found elsewhere, all set in lovely scenery. Several walks are waymarked at Zingaro for the better enjoyment of a visit.

Along the coast in the Zingaro Natural reserve you will also see various old houses and workshops, now abandoned - these remain from the days when the coast here was active in the local tuna fishing industry and from small scale farming enterprises.

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