Paceco, Sicily; an attractive town in western Sicily

Photo of Paceco in West Sicily

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Close to Trapani in western Sicily, the town of Paceco (in the Mazara valley) has a history dating back beyond the prehistoric Neolithic period. Equally important for visitors, it is in a picturesque quiet agricultural region where melons, olives and grapes have been grown for many centuries.

Within Paceco itself it is the churches that are the main attraction, as is often the case with Sicilian towns. There are various important churches to note as you explore, including the Mother Church of Saint Catherine of Alexandria (1615-1623) which contains some important paintings (artist unknown). Other noteworthy churches in Paceco include the Baroque style Church of the Rosary; the Church of San Francesco di Paola (also contains some important paintings); and the Church of Portosalvo.

Head a little way outside Paceco to visit the Misiligiafari Tower (also called the 'Tozzazza), one time official residence of the Fardella. The fortress-tower stands on a hill where arab and norman castles previously stood.

The main attraction near Paceco is the Salt Works Natural Reserve (Riserva naturale integrale Saline di Trapani e Paceco), with a very attractive landscape to explore and a great chance to enjoy the peace of the natural environment in this part of Sicily. The reserve is especially well known for the varied and rare plants that can adapt to this unusual ecosystem and the wide range of birdlife, including many migratory birds that stop here. More than 200 species od bird have been identified, including herons, flamingos, spoonbills and marsh hawks.

While in the Natural Reserve you can also visit a Salt Museum, and learn more about the techniqued used for extracting salt from the marshes.

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