Morgantina, Sicily; home to one of Siciliy's key archaological sites

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The excavations at the ancient city of Morgantina near Aidone have uncovered one of the best archaeological sites in 'inland' Sicily.

At the site we can see the site of the ancient walls of the city, and the area that contained the temples (a large temple from the 6th century BC along with several smaller temples).

The area that was the residential region of Morgantina can also be seen, including frescoes and mosaic floors. The most famous building here is the so-called 'House of the Doric capital', with a Greek inscription welcoming visitors which reads "Eykerei" : translation “take care of you”.

There is a Shrine to Demeter and Kore, early deities, which has a trapezoidal shape (the bust of Demeter was found inside the shrine).

The Greek Theatre is another highlight - once seating an audience of 5000 people the auditorium is semi-circular auditorium and arranged over fifteen steps. Adjacent to the theatre is a 3rd century BC granary, while we can also see traces of the original ceramic vase industry in the form of the remains of two furnaces.

After visiting the site at Morgantina you can visit the Museum in Aidone to see more of the remnants and artifacts that have been uncovered at the site.

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