Levanzo, Sicily; one of the Aegadian islands off the western coast of Sicily

Photo of Levanzo in West Sicily

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The small island of Levanzo is part of the group called the Aegadian islands, off the western coast of Sicily (from Trapani), that attracts visitors for both its natural and cultural highlights.

The most popular attraction is the caves of Levanzo, especially the Grotta Genovese, inhabited in prehistoric times and with ancient engravings dating from that era. The artworks date back about 10,000 years and include paintings of animals (deer, bull, monkey) and a group of people performing a dance. There are smaller paintings and engravings to the sides, while further back in the cave there are examples of prehistoric graffiti.

Another prehistoric cave at Levanzo is at the 'Grotta dei Porci', not far away from the Genovese caves. this cave goes back about 30 metres and also features animals, albeit this time painted with a less "refined" technique. Several other prehistoric caves are known on the island, including those of Punta Cappero, Cala Tramontana, Pecore and Punta Sorci.

Most of us when travelling don't choose to spend our whole trip in caves so be sure to also explore the coast of Levanzo, where you can swim in the clear waters or take a boat trip around the coast.

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