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The small island of Levanzo is part of the group called the Aegadian islands, off the western coast of Sicily (from Trapani), that attracts visitors for both its natural and cultural highlights.

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Boats from Trapani take around half and hour to get to the island of Levanzo and arrive in its picturesque port. With its small white houses surrounding the barbour and the beautiful deep blue and turqoise colours of the sea it is quite charming.

The main way of getting around the small island which is only six square kilometers is by boat and so the harbour is always full of small boats used by the islanders and there are various boat trips that you can do.

Levanzo harbour

The main attraction on the island are the caves and you can take a boat to get to these or to explore the island coastline and do some swimming, diving or fishing. The clear waters are rich in marine life especially near the rocky outcrop called Faraglione offf the western side of Levanzo.

Levanzo is also popular with walkers and there is a nice coastal path from the harbour to the west to get great views of Faraglione rock in the sea. Or to the east a pleasant walk with some shady picnic spots leads to Cala Minnola, a small bay which is good for swimming and sunbathing.


Levanzo caves

The most popular attraction on the island are the caves of Levanzo, especially the Grotta Genovese, inhabited in prehistoric times and with ancient engravings dating from that era.

The artworks date back about 10,000 years and include paintings of animals (deer, bull, monkey) and a group of people possibly performing a dance. There are smaller paintings and engravings to the sides, while further back in the cave there are examples of prehistoric graffiti.

Visits to the cave are by boat or land rover and can be organised in the port.

Levanzo cave art

Another prehistoric cave at Levanzo is at the 'Grotta dei Porci' (cave of pigs), not far away from the Genovese caves. This cave goes back about 30 metres and also features animals, albeit this time painted with a less "refined" technique. Several other prehistoric caves are known on the island, including those of Punta Cappero, Cala Tramontana, Pecore and Punta Sorci.

Places to visit nearby

Favignana, the largest of the Aegadian islands has a pretty harbour and is popular with walkers as well as for its beaches and pretty coastline.

The other island, Marettimmo is a longer boat trip from Trapani than either Levanso or Favignana and consequently is a lot quieter. If you are looking for peace and quiet then a June or September trip here could be just what you are looking for.

South of Trapani on the coast of Sicily is Marsala which is one of the oldest cities of Sicily and is famous for its fortified Marsala wine which is similar to port and sherry.

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