Geraci-Siculo, Sicily; one of the most beautiful villages of Italy

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The village of Geraci Siculo is situated to the south-east of Cefalu, and falls within the Parco delle Madonie (Regional Nature Park) at more than 1000 metres above sea-level.

With its narrow alleys and small churches a visit to the town is a true step backwards in time.

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It really is the position of Geraci-Siculo on the side of a rocky hill surrounded by the valleys and hills of the Parco delle Madonie regional park. The views of the village as you approach and from the village as you explore are stupendous. The buildings hug the top of the hillside looking like outcrops of rock jutting upwards from the hill.

geraci siculo san sebastian

The narrow winding roads lead you past charming small stone houses, courtyards  and cobblestone paths. Wandering up the paths eventually leads to the ruins of a small 11th century castle (the Castle of Ventimiglia) above the village. The church of Saint Anna dominate the ruins and the scull of Saint Anna was said to have been kept here until the 13th century.

Nearby is the church of Saint Giacomo which contains a 14th century wooden crucifix and Byzantine frescoes.

Although a small village with only a couple of thousand residents Geraci-Siculo has quite a large number of churches whose architecture and treasures add to the charms of the village.

This is Italy and as always food is important. In Geraci-Siculo ricotta cheese, olives and sun-dried tomatoes are all specialities. There are a number of restaurants allowing you to sample these and other specialities.

Geraci Siculo is one of seven beautiful Sicily villages (i.e. listed as 'most beautiful villages of Italy)'

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