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Enna is one of the few tourist attractions in Sicily which are not located along its coastline. Enna is located right in the center of the island, and is also a provincial capital.

Enna is popular for the breathtaking views it provides due to its hilltop location, and is one of the highest points in the island with an elevation of nearly 1000 metres.

Enna is as rich in history as the rest of the Sicily, and offers plenty of ancient Greek and cultural attractions. Among the most dominant structures in Enna, the Cathedral takes a central position as in the rest of the Sicily - a work of the Baroque Architecture, the Cathedral was built in the 14th century and features elaborate architectural and artistic adornments which were carried out at different times over the centuries.

Another dominant landmark of Enna is the Lombardy Castle. The castle is irregular in build but impressive, and its towers are an integrated part of modern Enna.

Another important structure to look forward to during your visit to Enna is the Palazzo Varisano, which has been selected as the site for the Regional Archaeological Museum of Enna. The museum is home to some of the oldest artifacts found in the Enna province.

Apart from that, the Church of San Tommaso, the Torre di Federico, the tower which is rumored to be the summer residence of Frederick II, the campanile of the destroyed church of San Giovanni, the Municipal Library of the town in the San Fransesco building and the Janniscuru Gate are important attractions.

Enna is a very religious town and its residents are known for their fervour in religious rites and ceremonies. The procession for the Easter celebrations in Enna is famous throughout Sicily, which features the figure of a Christ in the cross on the streets. The festival begins from the Palm Sunday and lasts till the Good Friday, maybe something to catch on the next Easter holidays.

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