Centuripe, Sicily; an ancient hill town with views over to Mount Etna

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Centuripe is a small town in the hills 730m with fabulous vills across to Mount Etna. Indeed so popular are the views that Centuripe is commonly known as the 'Balcony of Sicily'.

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Centuripe sprawls along the top of a hillside and from above its houses look like they form the shape of a starfish or a man lying down.

Over time and due to various battles some of Centuripe's historical legacy has been lost but a few monuments remain, notably the cathedral with its pretty pink and white facade.

There are a number of other churches to visit as you wind your way through town. The church of the Immaculate conception and the church of Pergatoria are both from the 17th century and the last is used to host exhibitions and events.

There is an interesting little Archeological museum at Centuripe which is free to enter and has some interesting Roman and other artefacts from across the ages. It also has some wonderful ceramics dating back to the Hellenistic period and there are even some prehistoric potteries on display. The museum is housed in a large 1950s building.

Amongst the notable civic architecture of Centuripe is the old Castle of Conradin which is really the remains of a large Roman mausoleum.

There is also an archeological site in the city - a Hellenistic centre with Roman walls and a Roman cistern. Nearby on the edge of the town are remains of the Sorgiva baths dating from Roman times.

The Battle of Centuripe

Because of its strategic position the Germans chose Centuripe as a defensive position whilst on the retreat from the allies in 1943. On the 2-4 August 1943 a prolonged battle took place causing much damage in the town.

Eventually the Geramans were defeated and soon after many more defeats occured for the Germans and they were forced to flee Sicily.

Places to Visit Nearby

Centuripe is inland of Paterno with its imposing tower, and the historic town of Lentini. On the coast the city of Catania has many fine Baroque buildings

The countryside around Centuripe is pretty and often covered in groves of lemon trees.

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