Aci-Trezza, Sicily: a charming seaside town and the Faraglioni nature reserve

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Aci-Trezza is a small and charming seaside town on the eastern coast of Sicily near to the city of Catania.

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Aci-Trezza is a popular seaside town whose main draw is its rocky volcanic beaches which look out over some dramatic rock formations in the sea known as the 'Islands of the Cyclops'. Legend has it that these three islands are the result of stones thrown at Odysseus by the Cyclops in the book 'the Odyssey'.

The town also features in Giovanni Verga's novel ' The house by the medlar tree' . This book was made into a film in 1947 which featured the islanders as the cast and there is a small museum in the village about the film. You can also still see the house of Nespolo which is featured in the book.

There is a promenade running along by the coast and in the summer the promenade and the rocks of the beach are popular with holiday makers. There is no sand but there are various beach bars with decks and sunbeds and stairs going down to the sea. These offer a more comfortable sunbathing experience than a towel on the black volcanic rocks!

Boat trips are popular and from the sea you can admire views of Aci-Trezza with Mount Etna as a backdrop.

A nature reserve has been formed around the Islands of the Cyclops and the seas here are packed with fish and marine life and snorkeling and diving are very popular activities with visitors to Aci-Trezza.

The town really comes to life on a night when its reputation for having great fish restaurants proves a draw to locals and holiday makers. The pretty area around the harbour is particularly popular. At the end of July the town's fish festival is always a treat.


Also on the coast nearby is the village of Aci-Castello dominated by the castle after which it is named. The castle was built by the Normans in the 11th century and sits on top of a large volcanic rock. The castle is now a civic museum with archaeological and mineral exhibits.

The central square of Aci-Castello is attractive and another draw for tourists visiting the area. Be sure also to visit the botanical gardens with their many cacti growing here.

Places to Visit Nearby

The nearby city of Catania has some important Baroque buildings and also a great fountain featuring an elephant holding up an obelisk. To the south is the archaeological site of Lentini.

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