Regions of Sicily

Eastern Sicily

The eastern section of Sicily runs along the coast from Messina south to Catania and Lentini, and inland to the mountains - the Monti Peloritani to the north of the region and the area around Mount Etna - the Mount Etna Regional Parc - to the south. A little inland of Catania the town of Paterno has an interesting Norman castle.

To the north of the region, Messina retains many interesting highlights despite an earthquake that devastated the town in 1908 and a great deal of further damage during World War 2 - a significant part of the town has been rebuilt as it was before the damage.

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Northern Sicily

This region runs along the Sicilian coast from Palermo in the west to Tindari in the east, inland through the scenic mountains as far as the central town of Enna, and stretching out to sea where the volcanic Aeolian Islands are situated.

The combination of historic monuments, fine beaches and lovel scenery make this one of the most popular regions of Sicily.

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South-East Sicily

The shape and character of the south-east of Sicily is different from much of Sicily because of a natural disater that took place in 1693, when an earthquake shook the region and destroyed many of the towns.

The towns were rebuilt in the High Baroque architectural style, and are now considered to be masterpieces of the style

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South-West Sicily

The south-western part of Sicily follows along the coast either side of Agrigento, and heads inland (and uphill) onto the high plateau that includes Piazza Armerina.

The highlight at Agrigento is the extraordinary Valley of the Temples - although you will probably find that the many attractive beaches of the area occupy more of your time!

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Western Sicily

The western tip of Sicily includes the part of the island that falls west of a line drawn between Palermo and Agrigento (on the north and south coasts repectively).

Less visited than some parts of Sicily, in part due to its remoteness (although there is now motorways which run to both the north and south of the region), the western part of Sicily has several important highlights and places to visit.

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