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Mazara del Vallo is a small town best known for its fishing and agriculture, located on the South Western coast of Sicily, in the province of Trapani.

Mazara del Vallo is also home to the largest fishing fleet in Sicily, and is as active a fishing port today as it has always been since its establishment. It is among the most ancient settlements established in Sicily, and its foundations date back to the time when the Phoenician seafarers ruled the Mediterranean trade

Among the historical attractions of Mazara del Vallo, a prominent one is the Norman Arc, which is as old as the late 11th century. The arc stands in ruins now, as it was destroyed in 1880. The Piazza de la Republica and the San Niccolò Regale, or the Royal Saint Nicholas Church, are important attractions as well.

One of the most important tourist attractions of the town is the Museo del Satiro, which is a small but worth visiting museum that contains the “Dancing Satyr”, a bronze sculpture of a satyr thought to be sculpted by Ancient Greek artist Praxiteles, who lived in the
4th century BC. The sculpture was found underwater in the region in 1998. Ever since the discovery of the sculpture, the tourism in Mazara del Vallo has flourished considerably. The museum also features a few of the other discoveries made in the region.

The museum building used to be a church and has been transformed to fulfill the needs of a museum, located in the city center. Museo Diocesano is another important museum and houses a number of ancient cultural artifacts.

Just outside Mazara del Vallo, the town features a breathtaking beach, which is probably the best in south-western Sicily.

Saint Vitus is the patron saint of Mazara del Vallo, and his feast day is celebrated every year on June 15.

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