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The island of Favignana is in the Aegadian Islands group off the west coast of Sicily.

Although tuna fishing has long been the main industry of the island (you can't miss the large fishery in the harbour), along with the quarrying of soft local stone called tufa (you will see the quaries as you explore), Favignana is now a popular tourist destination.

There are no major monuments to be seen although the 19th century Palazzo Florio will catch your eye, and the coast, scenery and the small beaches are the main reason that visitors are attracted to the island.

As well as numerous small coves there are two main sandy beaches on Favignana - Cala Azzurra and Lido Burrone. Also on the coast are several caves that can be seen from boats operated by the local fishermen.

The island falls into two distinct parts - an eastern half and a western half. It is also popular to follow the walks around the island (the one that follows the eastern half is recommended if you don't have time to follow both), to hire a bike and tour around the island, or to take a boat trip that follows around the coastline.

The neighbouring island of Levanzo is smaller, but also worth visiting for the beaches and for the chance to explore in tranquility the paths of the island - a popular trail is the one that leads to the top of Pizzo del Monaco. It is also rather more picturesque than it's larger neighbour.

After your exertions what else but a lunch in one of the restaurants - be sure to sample one of the local tuna dishes.

The island of Favignana is reached by hydrofoil from Trapani on Sicily's west coast - journey time 25 minutes.

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